Adidas RX100
Adidas RX100
Adidas RX100
Adidas RX100

Adidas RX100

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Every time you play you give it your all, we know that. You are 100% at the top of your game and so is the RX100. For all intermediate players who want to get the best out of themselves we give you the RX100, a versatile racket that incorporates STRUCTURAL REINFORCEMENT technology so that no matter how hard you play, your racket will always be ready.
Let yourself be seduced by the feel of low-density EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE rubber with the easy handling of fiber glass, and be at the very top of your game.

Level: intermediate
Game style: control
Format: round
Balance: even 265 mm
Weight: 360-375 mm
Surface: 499 cm2
Lenght: 455 mm
Thickness: 38 mm
Protector: standard
Rubber: EVA soft performance
Fiber: fiber glass braided