Adidas RX200 Light
Adidas RX200 Light
Adidas RX200 Light
Adidas RX200 Light

Adidas RX200 Light

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Not yet familiar with the RX200 Light? An exceptional racket for intermediate players with reduced weight.
The RX200 Light incorporates STRUCTURAL POWER technology right at the heart of the racket, which in turn incorporates carbon fiber reinforcements for increased rigidity. With the EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE rubber and the FIBER GLASS surface you will have an extreme feeling of comfort in your shots along with an exceptional ball strike. Furthermore, the STRUCTURAL REINFORCEMENT technology reinforces the RX200 Light to make a compact and versatile racket.

Level: intermediate
Game style: control
Format: round
Balance: even 365 mm
Weight: 345-360 gr 
Surface: 499 cm2
Lenght: 455 mm
Thickness: 38 mm
Protector: standard
Rubber: EVA soft performance
Fiber: fiber glass braided