Adidas RX300
Adidas RX300
Adidas RX300
Adidas RX300

Adidas RX300

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If you are one of those who count the days to get back on a padel court, if you just finished a game and you're already thinking about the next one, in short, if your passion is padel, we have just the racket for you, the new RX300.
Because playing our favorite sport is something worth celebrating. Experience the padel party with the RX300, a racket that incorporates STRUCTURAL POWER technology, a carbon reinforcement in the heart of the racket that provides high rigidity. The RX300 is equipped with STRUCTURAL POWER technology which reinforces the most critical points, increasing torsional strength. You will enjoy padel with it for a long time.
In short, the RX3OO is a versatile racket that will allow you to have a great time, as if you were at a party.

Level: intermediate
Game style: control
Format: round
Balance: even 265 mm
Weight: 360-375 mm
Surface: 499 m2
Lenght: 455 mm
Thickness: 38 mm
Protector: standard
Rubber: EVA soft performance
Fiber: fiber glass braided